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My mixed media prints are a combination of drawing, painting, photography and digital art. My process begins with several drawings, photographs and paintings that I combine and manipulate digitally. I then transfer the digital pieces to canvas in small sections and continue to transfer imagery on top of that to then manipulate the imagery again with transparent layers of ink and painted accents.

Tree I, 2012 Subway, 2012 Circles, 2012
Moon & Cafe, 2012 City Noise, 2012 Going to the Movies, 2013
Landscape I, 2013 City and Subway, 2013 Gears in Tree, 2013
Parking in the City, 2013 Sun and Mountains, 2013 A City View, 2014
City Highlights, 2014 Green Mill Music, 2014 Subway Graffiti, 2014